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Han foretok flere utenlandsreiser, blant annet til Sverige, Tyskland og Frankrike.

The quickest cure to sickness is a hot and hearty bowl of American chop suey.Every New Hampshirites has their own family recipe, and every bowl is better than the last.Couple that with some of the highest average incomes around, and it’s quite the winning combo.Every New Hampshirite knows that there’s no more beautiful place in the country than the Granite State.New Hampshirites grow up heading to the slopes on a regular basis.

So when the first flurries fly they’ll be just as excited to hit the slopes as you are.

Han står som en hovedrepresentant for den særegne Bergens-stil som bygger på og viderefører den lokale byggeskikk.

Dekorative detaljer ble hentet fra den bergenske utforming av stilarter som rokokko, Louis seize og empire.

Up-to-date with all of the latest fashions, New Hampshirites always dress to impress.

In a state with large disposable incomes and no sales tax, New Hampshirites have plenty of access to new clothes and new styles as the seasons change. There’s no pancake like a New Hampshire pancake, and if you’re dating someone from the state, there’s a good chance they’ll wake you up with them in the morning.

Bymessig bebyggelse i mur fra renessanse og barokk og Baroniet i Rosendal var også viktige inspirasjonskilder.