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Please find the information of the type of yarn, hook size and the resulting flower size at the pattern section.] This is the first time I come across African Flower Granny motifs…well, accurately speaking, this is the first time I know that this crochet block is “African Flower”.Glad that Mia allowed me to share her photos and pattern here at Craft Passion.

I'm sorry, but Mac Free blooms too early to pollinate Granny Smith.

If the product you inquired about cannot be found in the Recommended Pollinators section of the page, please contact Customer Support at 800.325.4180.

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[Update April 13, 2012: I made an African Flower Purse out of African Flower Granny motifs, tutorial is here.] [Update August 11, 2011: Thanks to Mia again for providing more information to answer some questions at the comment section.

We would be happy to discuss pollination options and help you find the right tree.

Actuallly, a Granny Smith will not pollinate a Granny Smith; the pollinator has to be a different apple variety with a similar bloom time.

Make sure that your hardiness zone lies within the zone compatability range of this variety before ordering.

We work hard to make sure that your order arrives at the ideal time for planting in your location.

Just like Granny Square, African Flower Granny is a crochet motif but in hexagonal shape, it can be joined next to each other to become a bigger piece and make into blanket, afghan, shawl, bag, table runner, cushion cover, soccer ball toy, coaster, pincushion, dress etc…. Why does it call African Flower Granny and not something related to it’s shape, for example Hexes, Hexagon Flower etc…

According to some findings from the net, some said a lady saw this pattern from a South African community, so she gave it a name “Africa Flower”.

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