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Weighing in at 143 pounds, Ducati says the Desmosedici Stradale engine is only 4.9 lbs heavier than the last Panigale’s 1285cc Superquadro twin. The upper crankcase half incorporates four Nikasil-coated aluminum cylinder liners.The 81mm aluminum pistons have two low-attrition compression rings plus an oil ring.

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Each throttle body has one sub-butterfly injector for low-load use, and another shower-type injector above it that comes online as required.Given the high revs attained by the V4 and the large valves, sayeth Ducati, a traditional spring system would be inadequate because the valves would be unable to follow the steep cam profiles.“Box in box” technology helps make the pistons superlight, while maintaining the necessary strength and stiffness to cope with the new V4’s incredible rpms and pressures.Forged steel connecting rods measure 101.8mm center-to-center.The crankcase also serves as the attachment point for the rear suspension and swingarm.

The Front Frame allows the Panigale to be slender in the tank-seat zone and in DUcati’s confident sounding words: “ensures perfect bike-rider integration.” It all comes down to a claimed “curb weight” of 430 pounds, wet.That’s just like the Moto GP Desmosedici, Ducati says, and it gives the V4 Stradale the same distinctive sound.More importantly, that 200-degree lull between ignition events “provides a power delivery that Ducati Moto GP riders deem unbeatable as it provides outstanding engine performance and, therefore, smooth handling, especially on corners and out-of-the-corner stretches.” Uh, ok.Six-speed gearbox: The 6-speed gearbox is specially designed for the Stradale, and uses a rotary gear sensor to ensure optimal operation with Ducati Quick Shift (DQS), up and down.The sensor assesses the position of the gear shift drum and gear shift forks with extreme accuracy; the engine will only deliver power once the gear change is complete. The hydraulically controlled wet clutch has 11 driving plates and a progressive self-servo mechanism that compresses the friction plates when under drive; this enhances efficiency and gives a light clutch pull.A counter-rotating crankshaft offsets some of the gyroscopic effect generated by the spinning wheels which should result in quicker direction changes and greater resistance wheelies under acceleration or rear-wheel lift on decel – but the counter-rotation also requires a jackshaft to convert its spin into the proper direction for the final drive to the rear wheel.