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As this limits those willing to participate, a high degree of bias can occur.

Adolescents and young adults, who typically have unstructured eating habits and frequently snack, are the least likely to undertake food records [].

This innovative approach if successful may provide a means to deliver a low cost health promotion program that has the potential to reach large groups, particularly young adults.

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This randomised controlled trial aims to evaluate the effectiveness of using a mobile device to assess dietary intake, provide tailored dietary feedback and text messages to motivate changes in fruit, vegetable and junk food consumption among young adults.The CHAT project will involve the development of the mobile device food record (MDFR), and evaluation of dietary feedback and implementation of a 6-month intervention in young adults aged 18 to 30 years.Providing accurate feedback on their current intake is important.Dietary assessment tools can be used to provide personalised descriptive feedback which can stimulate self-reflection on their eating behaviours [].Tailored nutrition text messages will be sent to Intervention Group 1 over the 6 months.

Data will be collected at baseline and again at the 6-month completion.

This can assist people in making decisions about the need ‘or not’ to increase or decrease consumption.

Research on promoting dietary change has identified several factors known to be important.

Together the information from image analysis and volume estimation can be linked to a nutrient database to estimate energy and nutrients consumed.

The TADA system is currently being trialled in free-living populations but the full application with automatic image analysis is not yet available for public distribution.

The mobile phone application uses a camera to capture before and after images of food and beverages consumed.