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These romances seem harmless, but the truth is that you're embarking on the dangerous terrain of divorce.The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy reported that 15 percent of married women and 25 percent of married men have had sexual affairs.You talk about them when you are at home and justify it as "We're just friends." You don't really know what their intentions are, do you?

"It was also revealed that an additional 20 percent of married couples have been impacted by emotional infidelity." Justifying your flirting with another person outside the marriage by making excuses, is just an excuse.When you’re seeking someone other than your spouse to fill any emotional gap, your heart has started to seek attention outside the marriage. We know we are in a fallen world and after Adam and Eve, we are dealing with the sin in today's society. "If you think about it, it's the breach of trust, more than the sex, that's the most painful aspect of an affair and, I can tell you from my work as a psychiatrist, the most difficult to recover from," psychiatrist Gail Salt wrote. Emotional cheating with a chat room buddy or having an office husband or an office wife is just as damaging to a relationship as having sex with someone outside of marriage. You might be thinking: "But it is harmless and there's no physical intimacy." Maybe so, yet, it correlates to what a physical affair entails--deception, secrecy and lies.When we invest in a relationship emotionally outside of our marriage, it's an affair.

Call it what you want, but anytime you seek another person to fill the role of your spouse, you are proceeding into risky territory.

When lies are being established in a relationship, trust is already being damaged.

If your spouse can’t trust you, it not only damages the relationship, but it hurts you as it creates conflict.

If you're constantly daydreaming about the another person, you need to check yourself because this leads to other decisions that could affect your marriage.

We all have thoughts, but we also need to master them.

Even if they never find out, consciously you know it is wrong.