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I think they also do courses for special needs children.I find working in the school makes the course easier because i can relate to the questions being ask for the course work were as i would have struggled otherwise.

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I looked at health and social study's and that would take 6 years part time Katie, my youngest is 2 but I'm lucky that my oh has a regular day off midweek in lieu of long days and some weekends. my mum started out as a dinner lady at our local special needs school and volunteered to help on outings...anything from swimming classes to full day trips if they could spare her from lunch duty.So the day he is off I work all morning then go to school and help in the afternoon. After a while they started asking her to cover TAs on sick leave at short notice as she knew the kids and their needs.In her own time (evenings) she then studied for an NVQ at the local college.I can't remember exactly what the qualification title is but it was aimed at teaching assistants.And voluntary work won't hurt either and gives you a feel for the school. My dd is only 2 so it would be hard to volunteer at the moment but I defiantly would like to. My sister in law did a free course at a childrens center and got free chil are while doing it and it now a ta but where I live they don't do anything like that. I think I will wait till September when my dd gets 15 hours free child are then I will volunteer at a school and take it from there. Denise can I ask how much it was for the online course.

Iv been looking at the open university website today, but there's that many courses I wouldn't know where to start.

Hi every one, I am looking into becoming a teaching assistant in primary schools.

It's something iv considered a long time but never looked into. Some people have said to me that I should volunteer at a school to get some experiance, did any of you all ready teaching assistants do this? Lots of mums,qualified T/A's,and even teachers are all chasing the same jobs.

It is a competitive market but there's no harm in looking on websites (ie county council) for job descriptions and even going along informally to a school who is advertising to ask more about the role.

Given your interest in special needs you could also look at INA work.

As part of that qualification you will have to volunteer in a school and will have written assessments and class based assessments. I chose my course because it will enable me to work with childern up to the age of 16 however you can do childcare courses which would be sufficient to work in a primary school.