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They are also have software applications installed to be used in course work. You can also visit the Internet café (main building, ground floor) open from 10 a.m. Another snack room is located in Building 2, 5th floor (during the semester) Open: Mon.-Fr.- 10 a.m. In the hospital, you must show your medical insurance policy.The RSUH has state-of-the-art most popular software, such as Microsoft Office, Coral Draw, Lotus Notes and others (main building, 5th floor). Meals The University has a cafeteria situated in Building 7 (ground floor) Open: Mon.-Fr.- 11.30 a.m. For further information on emergency medical service you may phone Public Health Committee of the Moscow Administration at 7 499 251-00-59.Located at 7827 Main Street, the house is privately owned.

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You can use scanners, printers and other equipment for extra fees (main building, 6th floor, room 623). Along with state medical institutions, there are also private clinics: The University bookshop “U Kentavra” (“At the Centaur’s”) is located in the main building (ground floor).

In addition, the RSUH has the Multimedia Center (main building, room 610) which provides a wide range of audiovisual materials and Internet access. It offers a wide range of textbooks, scholarship and art books and reference sources (including some prepared by RSUH professors) and office supplies.

Please remember that there is no commitment or automatic billing.

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We take as much care as possible in promoting healthy lifestyle among students, trying to foster an interest to fitness activities.

RSUH has the following teams and athletic clubs: basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, table tennis, chess, karate, track, cheerleading, swimming and rugby. Medical Help On Campus Students can receive first aid free-of-charge in the medical station which is situated in building 2, ground floor, room 105.

RSUH pays a lot of attention to the development and sustaining the athletic and health-related element in education.

The Student Affairs office along with Dept of Physical Education, organizes and oversees the functioning of sport clubs, hosts athletic events and supervises the participation of RSUH students in competitions of various levels.

All these facilities are free of charge for students. Phone: 7 499 250-63-14, 7 499 250-65-82 The RSUH also has the Internet Café which offers a wide range of informational and educational services. In order to use the phone in your room, you need to sign an agreement with the phone company.