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Royal Canadian Mounted Police say the nude suspects - a man, two women and two underage females - had kidnapped a mother, her dad and her six-week-old baby from a home in Alberta Monday.The naked quintet were arrested after causing a car collision that followed their victims' escape.

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The murder of Clutter family members (main, from left) Kenyon, 15, Nancy, 16, and their parents, Bonnie Rae (seated) and Herbert (seated), in their Kansas farmhouse in November 1959 shocked America and shattered the sense of security in small towns across the nation.The murders and the killers, Perry Smith (top right) and Dick Hickock (bottom right), were further immortalized by Truman Capote's (inset) book In Cold Blood, which sparked the true crime genre.While explaining what allegedly happened, Unruh tearfully said: 'In July 2016, Kevin Spacey assaulted my son.It happened late at night in the Club Car restaurant.The bids for both young women currently start at 20,000 euros (£17,682) and the website claims they have been 'verified' as virgins through medical testing.

Lola and Monica say they will use the money they earn to help cover the costs of a university education.Andrew and Jihad died when a Toyota Kluger SUV hit their Banksia Road Primary School demountable classroom shortly before 10am on Tuesday.Investigators are operating under the theory the 52-year-old was leaning over to pick up the bottle after dropping off her child, nine, inside the school gates.Labor powerbroker Sam Dastyari was buying drinks at Victoria University's inner-city Footscray campus on Wednesday night when two men confronted him. You little monkey,' one of them says.'Why don't you go back to Iran, you terrorist? Senator Dastyari, who arrived in Australia aged four in early 1988, returned fire, as the men stood on either side of him. This is the tense moment a Muslim woman's niece tells her aunty she doesn't like Islam.Janeth Deen (pictured top centre right next to her devout Catholic sister) is a fourth-generation Australian with Catholic relatives.Now, a new docuseries re-examines the tragedy, featuring interviews with friends, relatives - including the daughters of surviving children Eveanna (main, standing) and Beverly (main, far right), who were not in the home at the time of the crime - experts and law enforcement, some of whom are speaking publicly for the first time A Russian woman in her 20s claims a man by the name of Rinat Bilyanov kept her prisoner in a squalid home (top, far right) for six years, having four children with her even as he beat and tortured her.