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A gorgeous lady/handsome guy is cast as a "bachelorette/bachelor" in order to find her/his dream man/woman.

When her/his suitors arrive, she/he finds that they are just the average looking guys/girls and not the handsome/gorgeous hard-bodies/hotties as she/he was hoping; however, as she/he gets to know the average fellas/chicks, a new group of studs/babes are brought in to change the complexity of the game later on.

Stunning former beauty queen and NFL cheerleader Melana Scantlin takes up residence in a beautiful Palm Springs mansion, expecting to meet 16 Prince Charmings who will vie to win her heart.

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There were four different versions of the show for each season: Season 1 was just the regular "Average Joe", Season 2 was called "Average Joe: Hawaii", Season 3 was called "Average Joe: Adam Returns", and in Season 4, it was called "Average Joe (4): The Joes Strike Back".

A French adaptation of the show under the title La Belle et ses Princes Presque Charmants (The Beautiful and Almost Charming Princes) aired for three seasons on M6 (later W9) from 2012 until 2014.

The show was obviously edited to what they wanted to show you, sadly none of the Joes had a chance, even though the hot guys had 30 million std's and were only up to increasing their "chicks I've had sex with count".

The Joes had hearts, and we saw them get ripped apart.

Before she was a bachelorette in season 4, Anna Chudoba was a contestant on Fear Factor (NBC Version) in season 1/Episode 4.

A role-reversal of the series under the title Plain Jane, where it featured a group of ordinary women who were to compete for the love of a very handsome man was planned in the works.With no way of knowing the secret twist to "Average Joe" in advance, our new beauty must decide how to proceed when she meets the unexpected group of guys with big personalities, but admittedly average looks, ranging from a 5-foot-3 engineer to 340 pound sewage contractor.While finding themselves on what one dismayed ‘Average Joe' describes as "nerd island," the guys happily greet their beauty unaware that in a few short weeks a group of eight traditional dating-show-studs will join the competition to vie for her affection. The new season will be having new twists, and the biggest one would probably be Adam Mesh's return to the show.Kathy Griffin ("The Mole") will host the project which, like FOX's "Mr. This new series was taped before the first series ever aired, thus protecting the twist.Personality" will test how important looks are in the dating process. "As soon as we saw the first tapes of the original ‘Average Joe,' we knew there was rich potential for a second helping of this twisted take on the dating show.But, as the she gets to know the average fellas a new group of studs in brought in to change the complexity of the game.