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Nevertheless, Hillary had to have numerous clues, if not outright knowledge, of Bill’s relaxed attitude towards his marriage vows. That relatively charitable explanation became less plausible as accusations about Bill’s liaisons, attempted liaisons, and sexual assaults filled the alternative media and even on occasion the mainstream media, where they were usually dismissed.The accusations fueled Hillary’s fury…against the accusers.A “modest” income tax will only be levied on the very rich.

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She spearheaded the effort to discredit them, contrary to her claim that women don’t lie about sexual harassment.By the end of Bill’s presidency, it was clear that Hillary’s support was not rooted in love or denial, but crass opportunism at the cost of self-respect.Yet, faith in government runs deep, there’s still that substantial segment who believes whatever it tells them.However, like Hillary’s support of Bill, most of those who now back the government do so opportunistically, a nice way of saying they’ve been bought off…at the cost of self-respect.Psychologically, there’s nothing out of the ordinary about Hillary in contemporary America.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky would have been the right author to illuminate the inner world of Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s 60 Minutes performance garnered a consensus 5-star rating. In 10 minutes of television, she projected a set of complicated, even conflicting images—forthright but defensive, feisty but dutiful—triggering the mix of skeptical, antagonistic feelings that have defined her with a share of the American public ever since.

“The TV Interview That Haunts Hillary Clinton,” Politico, 9/23/16 (LINK)).

World War II will be the war to end all wars and make the world safe for democracy. There is light at the end of the tunnel in Vietnam. Wars against poverty, drugs, and terrorism will eradicate poverty, drugs, and terrorism.

Dropping atomic bombs on Japan is necessary to save a million American lives. Legally mandated racial, ethnic, and gender preferences are not discriminatory. Invading foreign countries, fighting undeclared wars, and regime changes will make the world safe for democracy.

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