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There would be far less lonely people and far more real relationships, if people left their computers and went out into the world to meet people.You have to realise that many of the regulars see strangers, as their 'real' friends, when they can know nothing about a small cam picture and a line of type and in most cases, not even voices are heard.There are a lot of lonely people on those sites and they fall prey to the game players and believe every word they say. If they did what they did online and they dont like the results they should wake up and shut thier computer off, 0therwise they got what they wanted. (Unless you arnt using a proxy or post it in a social network of course) On the other hand I do agree most sites are full of obnoxious trolls..... I really don't like to cam in THAT way because you have no control over the "footage" at the other end - someone could archive whatever you do and upload it publicly without your permission.. People can fall prey to the many players and users that haunt these sites. I have seen people talk about recording quite innocent activities, so it's obvious the same thing can happen with any sexual activity..Of course, not all sections of a web cam site will be sex rooms, but it does tend to become a little incestuous, when prople who chat fully dressed, in some rooms, will become sexually active, with the same people, in other rooms. If you throw yourself out there and someone doesnt appreciate it, well then they should just go away. However if someone is begging for sex, maybe that is what they are into. The only thing you are right about IMO is it is the internet, and that is why anyone who is the least bit smart knows it will always remain thier dirty little secret. People can act the way that makes them happy, online, then return to thier normal life. Is it really true freedom, to behave, act, do things, in a manner, people would not consider doing, in everyday life.Please click this button to launch the configuration options.

Please remember to click the "ok" button at the lower right of the configuration page to save the updates.Its tough to find the right friends, especially if you seek them on a cam site. Free cam chatting, and the free membership and pay accounts (only for 30 days access - and other members can help to upgrade you.) Any registered user can set up his/her own room, and can actually make a little bit of money with a popular room.I wish the owners of would set up an account with them, and add a room.If you read this, get back to me and I can help set up a chatroom at i Webcam.You've just found the #1 Bi chatroom available on the web.That being said, I have enjoyed a long term C2C erotic friendship or two with carefully selected friends.