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Various websites have photos of him spending time with different women, but it is impossible to say for sure who he is dating at the moment.

This is probably because Bradley James is a private individual who likes to keep his relationships away from the glaring scrutiny involved in his celebrity actor lifestyle. Bradley James is an actor best known for his role as King Arthur in the BBC television series .

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In the first fast-moving episode, the evil Morgana (Katie Mc Grath), a scheming beauty in a Gothic-style black lace gown, is plotting to take over Arthur’s throne with an army of Saxon warriors.

Blond, good-looking Bradley James enjoys swinging a sword as much as he does playing football with the crew during breaks.I’m not as arrogant as I was when I was a young prince, and I listen to Merlin’s advice a lot more now.We still disagree on some things, but I’ve learnt a few manners and am gradually becoming a noble king, thanks to him.His only gripe – apart from the weather – is the heavy chainmail that weighs him down.‘I’d never been on a horse before this,’ he confesses, ‘so I’ve been on a steep learning curve.A year after leaving Merlin, Parker appeared in BBC One's short-lived rom-com As the witch Morgause, Emilia Fox was the queen of casting sinister looks and hissing "Sister! After the character was bumped off, Fox played a terrifying temptress in BBC Two's superb comedy thriller What's become of Arthur's most trusted allies (besides Merlin) - noble Sir Leon, charming Sir Gwaine, strongman Sir Percival, intrepid Sir Elyan and dashing Sir Lancelot?