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time of firing the shot closes the breech of the barrel, and the invention more especially relates to firearms of this description in'av-hich, in firing, the barrel andthe breech-bolt are interlocked and rec-cit some distance together, and during this rearwardmovement the barrelhas an= other movement im arted to'it, whereby it'is unlocked from the reech-bolt, andiafter its release the movements of the barrel are ar-- rested, while the breech-bolt continues to recoil until the breech is fully opened, and in which during the opening movement of the breechg-bolt energy is stored in a spring, the reaction of which is utilized to effect the return or closing movementmf the breech-bolt. in the county of l Veber and State of and the closing and locking of the breech are automatically effected through or by the energy of the recoilof the breech-bolt or that part which at the.

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the same time be the means which shall positively limit the rear-' ward movement of the barrelv with the breech-bolt-, arrest the movements of the barrel as soon as the same becomes unlocked from the breech-bolt, and which shall be; adapted in location, form and strength to transmit to the frame the stress due to the sudden arrest of the movements of the barrel without injury resulting therefrom to either thebarrel or the frame or to' the 4 means of attachment between the same; such means shall further positively limit and arrest the forward or return movement of the barrel and of the breech-slide when the sam arrive at the firing positi0n.- Another object -of the invention is to produce a firearm of this class in which, to insure absolutely against the dangerous accidental firing sometimes liable to occur if the hlgge" r is ulled after the ma azine hasbeen withdrawd in the belief thah all cartridges havebeen removed from the arm with the magazine, whereas the loaded cartridge last fed to the barrel still remains in the cham I her, the'magazine-catch shall not only lock the magazine in its seat or at will release the magazine, but the catch shall also automatically lock the trigger against operation whenever there 1s no magazine in the seat, sim 1e and will be more particularly referred to here- V inafterl a 580,924, granted to me April 20th, 1897; but C it will be understood that I do not intend- The embodiment of my improvements represented in the accompanying drawings is 'a magazine-pistol, such as is shown-and described in the United States Patent No. 13 a side view with the forward portion in longitudinal section, and Fig.

and impart to it at the same time another movement by which it will be unlocked from the'breech bolt, and which shall at the last of the return or forwardmovement of the breech-boltguide the barrel'xwhile it is part to it another movement by which the bah-e1 and the breech-bolt will be" interlocked when they arrive at the forward fir ing position; this means of attachment and connection shall at.

This attachment permits the barrel to swingon the link d, and to vmove longitudinally and at thetisame'time vertically a' limited distance, the limit of this double movement in the rearward direction is the contact of the rear face of the lug b with the rear end of the '35" recess inthe frame, and in the forward direction the"m0vement is limited by the Y lower end of thejlug b ooming into contact with the lower. l Viththis arrangement and with the breech-slide removable rearward from the frame, in case the slide-lock had not been put in place or hadnot been properly st cured, it became possible that, on firing the arm, the breech-slide might bethrown rearward from the frame.

By my improved construction the breech-slide can be mounted upon the frame from the front only and can be removed in'that direction-alone, and it can not under any conditions be thrown from the frame to the rear.

Similar letters refer to similar parts throughout the several views.

Fi 8 is alongitudinal section of the breech-b0 t detached, in the horizontal plane through the axis of the shell extractor, seen from above. breech-slid-stop, detached, a portion of the top view being shown in longitudinal section, to expose to view the small spring-actuated piston seated v therein. The lower part'of the linkd is larger than the upper, andja second pivotpin 2", considerably larger than the upper one, is fitted transversely through-the frame and through the link, and serves to 'movably attach the barrel b to the frame a. this purpose, while the lower and forward face of the lug ,b is parti-circula-r inform, concentric with the upper pivotpin whichholds the link to the barrel, and 019 such aradiusthat' this part of the lug cl ars and freely moves over the lowerpivotpfin i-which -holds the link, to the. e rear -face of'the lug b is straight,: ex- tending ertically down belowthe center of the lower pivot-pin z, and between 'the'rear face and the lower edge of-the lug this extension forms a projection at the bottom of the lug which, coming in contact with the lower pivot-pinfi-at the last of the forward movement oftlie' barrel, limits this movement. The forward sideof this projection is rounded to correspond with and fit upon the pivot-pint Heretofore 1n the arms of this class in ,smallen tube, which depending downward breech-slide when it is mounted upofn the it was necessary to first mount the barrel upon the frame'and attach it thereto, then to mount the breech-slide from the rear upon the frame and slide it forward over the barrel, and finallyto securely lock the breechslide to the frame and vconnect it with-the reacti'on-sprin therein by means of the coinbined'slide-loc or.key,and abutment for the reaction-spring: For ease in assembling and, dismount-mg itwas necessary that this slide-lock could be'readily put in place or' removed. In the 131% f b is a-vcrtical central slot in which the li (Z, is seated and ,by apivot-pin attached-to the barrel.As the abutment is integral and strongly connected w th the breech-slide, and projects into the plane of the' frame, the breech-slide.can be mounted upon and removed from the frame the front of the abutment-and inclosesthe forward endof the reaction-spring e.The rear end of the reaction-spring fits upon a guide-tube g'and bears against a OOH-d upon n rear of the flange ase thesame, and the rear end of the guide-tube g fits into the recess a in the front of the top of the frame against the shoulder a of which the collar of the guide-tube'g bears.