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NOTHING OUT OF THE NORM."6pm BST: Oliver was finally let outside into the yard and April is spending some quiet time by herself.One person following the live stream just tweeted: “Poor Oliver wants to go outside so badly.For example, if you have 3 cameras, you must triple your encoders and bandwidth.

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Feel the wind in your face as you cruise down our exhilarating tubing hill.Located in the Base 2 Zone on Blackcomb Mountain, the Coca-Cola Tube Park offers great fun for the young and the young at heart.Every additional camera you add is effectively a new event.Therefore, for every camera you add, you must proportionally increase your encoding and network resources.I've been coming to these chat rooms for about a year now and its quite addictive i should say.

There is all types of different people some strange and some not so...either way they all seem like fun to me. 3.40am BST: Although zookeepers insisted April is not in pain, viewers now claim she is struggling to breathe as the baby is ferociously kicking her stomach.2.00am BST: April has caused a frenzy on the live stream chat, as her fans are getting increasingly concerned that she is in a tremendous amount of pain.It looks like the mum-to-be does not want to go outdoors for now even though the door is wide open.One person just tweeted: “#April The Giraffe #giraffewatch as I watched her walk back in, she stopped and gracefully stood proud.What a BEAUTIFUL silhouette and soul.”Another person added: “Watching #April The Giraffe has given me a lot of joy over the last month. ”1.25pm BST: The door to April’s pen is wide open but the pregnant giraffe is busy sharing a meal with Oliver.