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April is good, do not bother to feel, and need to catch up in full swing, as long as in normal days, mild air filled, occasionally calling for rain, water was full of poetic, it makes me a light, which is quiet no April sound beautiful.

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Window beautiful spring flowers field; gurgling brook, singing with running away. Occasionally swim to a group of ducks, rattle Huan calls, frolic with green waters. A cup of tea, a book, flowers, Yang Liu Hanyan, quiet and elegant, bearing extraordinary. Do not seek fame and wealth stay, unperturbed owned Zen. In April, stretch the fragrance, bathed in a beautiful spring.

Life encounter warmest, than the flowering season for Love romantic youth.They are valid only where manganese is not remobilized after deposition, for example, in most arid environments.The premise of a new age-determination method, cation-ratio dating, is that the ratio of the more mobile cations (e.g., K and Ca) to titanium in varnish decreases with time. The more traveled road, you just do not think long; more tours over the landscape, you just do not feel sad.Time flies when, once again the heart of the sea waves, a heart can calm down, will still light pull Yuet Wah, on the film pairs.Although there are many inherent assumptions and potential limitations, cation-ratio dating has been verified on relative age-sequences from a Death Valley debris cone, Negev Desert talus flatirons, and prehistoric lake levels at Searles Lake in California.