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Legal/Legislative/Regulatory Materials (090) — Viewpoints (120) EDRS PRICE DESCRIPTORS IDENTIFIERS MF01/PC07 Plus Postage. Also an organizational chart which reflects the pro- posal as the Congressman just described. Kildee Any submission you wish to make will be made part of the record without objection. In other words, I hope you don't have a drinking problem. Attach the job description of the project director, the person who will have the major respon Slbihty for managing this project on day-to-day basis Note.

This is the frames version of the list of Prolific Net Authors. There was a time, not too long ago when I released very little, because I would only release things that I felt were really good stories, with deep plots and lots of character interaction.DOCUMENT RESUME ED 308 394 CE 052 827 TITLE INSTITUTION PUB DATE NOTE AVAILABLE FROM PUB TYPE Hearing on the Reauthorization of the Older American Volunteer Programs. Statements at the hearing noted the many accomplishments of senior volunteers, from working with children, to helping combat drug abuse, to serving meals to senior citizens. As the subcommittee is aware, the ACTION agency provides programs to grass-roots organizations that fre- quently do not have the technical expertise or the ability to com- pete successfully for some of the larger programs that are available through such agencies as Department of HHS or through HUD and some of the other social service agencies. There has been a proposal made to eliminate the position of Associate Director of the Domestic and Anti-Poverty Op- erations. That there would be a disproportionate span of control situation here and the number of subordinates reporting di- rectly to me would be inappropriate. 2nd an estimated achievement level against which progress is to b long term in duration.Hearing before the Subcommittee on Human Resources of the Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, One Hundred First Congress, First Session. The legislation was recommended for renewal with some changes, such as increased stipends for volunteers. This year you are asking for a million increase up to about million. What is important for us, in order to be able to meet the needs and to assist these local community organizations, is to have an adequate level of staff to provide the technical assistance to enable these individuals and organizations to participate fully in our pro- grams. There has also been, I believe, a suggestion that the positions of Director of the Older American Programs and VISTA be elevated to presidential appointments. As our current structure is set up, the management and budget operations come under the juiisdiction of the current Associate Di- rector, Roland Goodman, and I as Acting Associate Director of Do- mestic Operations handle the operations in the field. I think the grade level of the individuals serving in those positions is appropriate as it now stands and I would strongly recommend that we retain the current organizational structure and distribution of authority and responsibility as it is now placed in the current positions within the Agency. OBJECTU ES are actions or steps leading to the achievement of a goal and must be achievable, measurable, time phased and short term in duration.Through the Sheltering Arms SCP, caregiving is directed to a 66-year-old woman who has suffered from Alzheimer's disease for five years. We have had to cancel the training that we were giving our project directors this year, and the required monitoring visits that we are mandated to perform to carry out our oversight responsibil- ities of one site visit per project per year are not being accom- plished. In terms of the support that you can offer, are we talking about offering support to communities that are applying for these grants— in other words, technical distance to communities ERLC 23 that otherwise would not be able to compete for some of these grants? The objtctivcs relutm_, to tht numbei of voluntici houis to u» geneiated in eath of the eu'il basic human nee J categories should be shown RS\ P onlv t?

The volunteer assists with feeding, and dressing and provides companionship. We were c lly able to perform 48 percent of those site visits last year and are hoping this year to improve that, but in order to do so we will have to take scarce resources from other areas. p „ik ij as pre Retirement Seminars rnav also be included ERIC 46 GOAL #3 Project Advisory Council — The evolvement of a represent atn e and well-developed Ad visorv Council must be one goal of the project.A total of 31 SCP's with 179 Senior Companions are serving approximately 625 veterans. First, 1 must reiterate that due to budgetary constraints, the FY 1990 budget pro- posal for the ACTION agency does not include additional funding for either stipend increases or the expansion of the numbers of current levels of stipended volunteers. b Generation of Local Support (both to meet projected commitment and for project expansion) — Includes project and Advisory Council activities as well as requests to local governments United Way, private foundations, private sector, etc. Goals and objectives are reasonable, ()()()() feasiole and measurable and reflect written criteria contained in KAFF (Notice of Availability of Federal Funas ) .Over the past two years, 11 SCP projects have received component funding for a two-year period to support 66 volurteer service years annually. Second, in the interest of making a fair and judicious determination of whether it would be preferable to increase the stipend of existing volunteers rather than to in- crease the numbers of low-income volunteers in the programs, I would say that such a determination should be made on the relative merits of priorities vis a vis the pro- ERIC 22 grams and the participants, rather than enacting an automatic legislative mecha- nism. c Volunteer Station Relationships — On going projects mav wish to write objectives foi impio\ ing relations with volunteer stations, dealing with such aieas as wh«n ^uhmillin K M HON profit pr»£rr«» rtnorll r o 51 ERJ. The sponsor has prior experience ( ) ()()() with Health, and social service programs that affect older persons. Comment (s ) : 50 EXCEL GOCg FA IP h EAK 2, volunteer station Letters ot ( ) Intent that realistically reflect the number of SCs that can be placea, number of clients served and appropriate supervisory ar r angements , Comment (s) : D.Another partnership during the past two years is with the Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association (ADRDA) . C 48 PY'88 SCP NEW PROJECT GRANTS REVIEW S8EET APPLICANT: CITY: STATE : REVIEWING OFFICE: STATE REGION HEADQUARTERS BUDGET INFORMATION : FEDERAL SHARE NON-FEDERAL Sh ARL VSVs BLDo El ID Cnec K Ei Tipnasis Area of tre Appl icants Acute Care Respite Caie Homebound General Mental Health Substance Abuse Care of Terminally 111 Vision Impaired Alzheimer's 49 -l- EXCEL GOOD FAIR Iv^Ars A. Exclusive project focus on service to the homebound elderly. Project located in areas with ( ) ( ) ( ), ( ) concentrations of the homebounc 3 elaerly . Project applications contain a ( ) ()()() minimum of two volunteer stations that coniorn to empnasis area categories. SCP Regulation Compliance L The Service Area is manageaole () Council. Plans to conauct recogni- tion cer emon l es are aescribea ana scneduied.The partership has tesulted in two-year component funding for 9 SCP's with a total of 45 volunteer service years annually. from the senior citizens throughout my dis- trict, because the Federal flow-through monies that come through— we have an agency on the aged in the State of Illinois and then we have regional agencies which administer the state pro- grams By the time the money gets to the local level, about 33 per- cent of it goes to administration.In the past year I have tried to broaden my writing, and in doing so I have released stories of two different categories: Stories with deep plots and meanings within the tale, and other stories dealing mainly with sex and obtaining said sex.