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Ardin used, and he replies: “That’s not true.” He is asked if he checked the condom before sex and replies: “I am not in the habit of checking them [condoms] before I put them on.” When asked who removed the condom he says he does not remember, but that it is “unusual for the woman to do so. Later, we learn, he also did not bring a charger.) Off she went. ““Based on Anna’s story, when she called me, she said “we had sex” and that’s what happened, and she made no reference to any kind of assault… My sense is that she [Ardin] did not experience this as serious, but got pissed off.”“She [Ardin] was joking about Julian, saying he’s a strange guy. Ardin tweets twice after the incident later characterized as an assault. on August 15, she tweets that she is sitting outside, hanging out with “some of the smartest people on the planet.” When the police report is filed, the tweets disappear, but bloggers retain them. Assange was scheduled to give this particular lecture in Stockholm, a 20-something Swedish woman named Sofia Wilen was watching a TV interview with him. She got the feeling he did not feel that she, in her bright pink cashmere sweater, belonged among all these journalists dressed in grey.” Ms. She taxied around Stockholm until she found a computer store that was open and had the right cable. Please do not think that the case is being dealt with as just another extradition request.” Two Swedish women—Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen—had sex with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in Stockholm, in their respective apartments, in the month of August, 2010.

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Assange was actually on an extended visit to Stockholm, intending to secure residence and work permits to move there, and base his operations there.It is decided that he will stay, for at least the first week, at the small Stockholm apartment of Anna Ardin—the press secretary for the organization that invited him to speak, the Brotherhood of Social Democrats. Ardin is “abroad” (we don’t know where) yet arrives home one day earlier than expected because she had a lot to do in preparation for Mr.Sweden has both the most expansive rape laws (which extend all the way to marital bed nagging), as well as the highest number of reported rapes in the world. Wilen’s ex boyfriend, brother, and several friends and colleagues of the two women. (Ruled not to have been broken by an “instrument,” but to have failed by natural means.) After the incidents for which he is wanted for questioning took place, in mid-August 2010, Mr.Fumbling, bleak and unromantic—yes, the 98-page report details the emotional arc of the women, and often reads more like a dime-store novel than a crime report: “Julian looked at Sofia with a bemused expression. Assange remained in Sweden for five weeks, until September 27, during which time Swedish prosecutors once dropped the case altogether, only to re-open it days later.Her music can be described as a mix between pop and soul, with a special edgy sound making her stand out in comparison to many other artists.

Lyrics are mainly in Swedish, and usually reflect upon love, young restlessness, and tough moments in life.Assange went out to dinner, then returned to her apartment, where he spent that night, and the next six. Wahlstrom notices a “thin, thin, thin” mattress on the floor, and—surprised that Ms. Assange to move to another dwelling and she repeatedly declines. ” and that he replied, “No, it must be you.” At one point, he was eating a traditional sandwich of ‘knackebrod’—Swedish hard bread—with cheese, and, having said not one word throughout the dinner, she asked him if he liked it. Wilen went out and “sat in the shade, waiting” for the interviews to be over. They all said she was “odd,” and they had a curious feeling about her. Wilen’s told the police she got a text from her on the day of the lecture that read: “He looked at me.” At the restaurant, Ms. ‘Cashmere, breasts and idol-worship tipped the scales.’ The report describes Ms. He said he would do so but not under these circumstances—under pressure. Ardin, and told her what had happened between herself and Mr. The following morning, August 14, Swedish journalist Johann Wahlstrom arrives at Ms. He reached over and ‘fed her.’ His interpretation was kind of forlorn, and you feel bad for him: “Maybe she was trying to point out how loving the sex had been.” Mr. Ardin’s apartment until the following Friday, and says, in the police report, that they continued to sleep in the same bed, had no further intercourse, but did have “sexual interactions.” He is told, in the interrogation, that he stands accused of deliberately breaking the condom he and Ms. (The most famous hacker in the world did not bring a cable for his computer, to this particular talk. Swedish authorities have requested his extradition to Sweden, and have refused to question him in London; His appeal to the U. Supreme court to avoid extradition was rejected in June of 2012, resulting in his seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy. Assange to Ecuador have included the idea of placing him in a “diplomatic body bag,” which was rejected because his body heat could trigger thermal imaging and U. authorities would then have the right to open the bag and “seize the concealed Assange.” He is reported, in recent months, to be showing signs of severe stress—knocking over bookshelves and screaming at embassy staffers.He has stated that he fears Sweden will extradite him to the U. if he travels there, and Sweden has not promised not to do so. His health, after three and a half years of neither air nor sunlight—which prisoners get daily—can’t be good.Maybe it’s more a matter of my generation, maybe you have never run into this. And I got this feeling among Anna’s friends.” Here’s the story of their tryst: Ms. He asked her why she was doing that, and she replied that she wanted him to wear a condom. Assange, who, she said, continued to make advances the next few nights. She then asked if she could come too, “since she had helped buy the cable.” Later, it comes to light that all those officially involved in Mr. “Sofia found this flattering, as it was apparent that he was flirting with her.” After dinner, Mr. Wilen, and a third man (Donald Bostrom) all went to buy a charger for Mr. They went to the museum, and waited for a scheduled film to begin. It was midnight, dark outside, and they stood brushing their teeth together which felt domestic and boring.” They get naked and get into bed. Assange has a hard time getting an erection, rubs his penis against Ms. He agreed reluctantly to use a condom but muttered that he preferred her to latex. They fell asleep and when they woke up, they had sex again. She had to go to the store, and buy breakfast food. She noticed that the condom was not on properly, and they fell asleep again. “She said sarcastic things to him in a joking tone.” He had a meeting—she took him to the train station, and once again paid for his ticket. The present laws state that sex with a person who “due to unconsciousness, sleep, inebriation, or other drug-affected states, sickness, bodily injury or psychological disturbance…finds themselves in a helpless state.” “Seth said that the matter of diseases was central for Sofia, and before they had sex for the first time, they both got tested for (sexually transmitted) diseases and exchanged test results. He said it was his understanding that Sofia had never had sex with anybody without using a condom.”“So I got a phone call and Donald said, “Are you sitting down? Neither of them intended to press any criminal charges against Mr. They had sex both protected and unprotected, every which way, for 10 years.