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E.g.: Alter System Embedded SQL: Incorporate DDL, DML and T. Save Point: For long transactions that contain many SQL statements, intermediate markers or save points are declared.

Adam: Please note I used "MOD(ORA_HASH(ID), 3)", not "ORA_HASH(ID, 3)". If I had to update millions of records I would probably opt to NOT update.I deliberately used MOD because the extra parameters for ORA_HASH are confusing. I would more likely create a temp table and then insert data from old table since insert doesnt take up a lot of redo space and takes less undo.Result of all the 3 queries is same: SELECT DATENAME(year, getdate()) AS 'This is year' SELECT DATENAME(yyyy, getdate()) AS 'This is year' SELECT DATENAME(yy, getdate()) AS 'This is year' Result: This is year 2017 DATENAME Example 6 Below query finds current timezone. I'm trying to obfuscate the table's VARCHAR2 columns with random alphanumerics for every record on the table.Result of all the 3 queries is same: SELECT DATENAME(month, getdate()) AS 'This is month' SELECT DATENAME(mm, getdate()) AS 'This is month' SELECT DATENAME(m, getdate()) AS 'This is month' Result: This is month July DATENAME Example 4 Below queries find current quarter.

Result of all the 3 queries is same: SELECT DATENAME(quarter, getdate()) AS 'This is quarter' SELECT DATENAME(q, getdate()) AS 'This is quarter' SELECT DATENAME(qq, getdate()) AS 'This is quarter' Result: This is quarter 3 DATENAME Example 5 Below queries find current year.

Packages: Packages provide a method of encapsulating and storing related procedures, functions, variables and other Package Contents There are basically 6 types of SQL statements.

They are Data Definition Language (DDL): The DDL statements define and maintain objects and drop objects.

As transaction commits and logs buffer fills, LGWR writes log entries into an online redo log file.

System Monitor (SMON): The System Monitor performs instance recovery at instance startup.

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