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Explained Graupner, "When festivals of that caliber want me on their bill, I get amazingly effin’ pumped and those songs are the result. In June 2013 they performed at Terminus Festival, including Dinosaur Tank, and Gothsticulate, which involves Caustic and Geoff Lee's EDM project Modulate.It would be dishonest of me to write any other kind of track for those comps." They have performed three times at the Montreal industrial music festival C. The band False Edge is an "industrial darkness" collaboration The Gothsicles with Death of Self, About the Causticles project, Graupner stated "We made a ton of progress initially with basically me remixing aborted Caustic tracks, and then really started to get into a real cohesive interworking of new material." The Gothsicles are known for blending various electronic genres, particularly industrial music, electronic body music, and industrial offshoots such as dark electro.

They were frequent performers at the Reverence Festival held in Madison, Wisconsin, appearing from 2004 to 2009.

also writing the song "Holy Shit We're Playing Kinetik! The band also wrote a song dedicated to their first performance at Resistanz Festival, to be included on the festival's compilation CD. In late 2012 The Gothsicles undertook a tour of the United States with bands such as Deviant UK, for all the emptiness, Die Sektor.

It's apparent right from the start with 'Infl8-R' that the level of production has gone way up.

Not that there was anything wrong with what we heard on NESferatu, but with this album the band opens up the floodgates of sound and assaults you with some serious EBM arrangements, as well as the more traditional 8-bit synth lines." In April 2011 they played music from the album at the first Resistanz Festival, held in Sheffield.

RYLAN Clark-Neal and his husband will be back as hosts of This Morning.

The announcement was made during the advert of This Morning, shortly before Rylan presented his showbiz section of the show.

According to COMA Music Magazine, "The Gothsicles are one of the forerunners in Industrial Music for the Nerdy Masses." Kinetik Festival, Resistanz, C. The band has had songs remixed by artists such as Boole, and side projects include Dinosaur Tank, Gothsticulate with Caustic and Modulate, False Edge with Death of Self, Later based in Chicago, Illinois, members include Brian "dark NES" Graupner (vocals, synthesizers), plus a rotating lineup of live musician that has included Matt "Sega Lugosi" Fanale (vocals), and Dan "Turbo Gothic 16" Clark (production, programming).

Founding member Graupner, who writes the majority of their lyrics, had long been interested in diverse music genres.

The Big Brother's Bit On The Side host will be back as main host for the show with his husband next Friday 5th August.

As they are hosting on Friday, they are presumably standing in for regular Friday hosts Eamon Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

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