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These fascinating Hominids inhabited the area from about 80,000 to 120,000 years BP.

They do not appear to have left any living descendants.

"The current study demonstrates African-like affinities in the body shape of the Qafzeh-Skhul hominids.

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Acheulean tools were made in Africa by AMH around this time.

Dr Clyde Winters is an Educator Anthropologist and Linguist He has taught Education and Linguistics at Saint Xavier University -Chicago Dr Winters is the author of numerous articles on anthropology archeogenetics and linguistics His articles have appeared in the Journal... It has a small forehead and brow ridges which make me wonder whether it is from a modern human.

Could it have been from a hybrid of modern humans and another human species?

That is a reconstruction of Skhul V, a skull that has been variously described as a Progressive Neanderthal, an Archaic Modern Human and a human/Neanderthal Hybrid.

These numbers are solidly backed up by genomic and archaeological evidence.

As to the "hand axes" from Crete, I am not familiar with the finds but, given the author's history of accepting speculation as fact I am doubtful.In the interview Marks noted that: "A comparison of contemporaneous Paleolithic assemblages from the north showed they totally lacked the bifacial tool production found at assemblage C. An origin in east Africa for assemblage C people therefore was most plausible based on the stone tools and how they were made." Archaeologists believe that the Oo A exit to Arabia may have been overland.The discovery of African artifacts in Crete and Brazil dating to 100 thousand years ago indicate AMH used boats to reach these areas. Strasser and Eleni Panagopoulou found 2,000 stone artifacts on the southwestern shore of Crete at Plakias dating to around 125 thousand years ago. Runnels, an archaeologist working in the region said the tool kit included hand axes, cleavers, and scrapers made in the Acheulean style.As you can see the Qafzeh-Skhul hominids were Africans.These Africans also carried their flora and fauna into the Levant with them. Please get real and look around you to the real reality.At this time, the Indian Ocean monsoon system was forced northwards, bringing rainfall into Arabia.