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I pulled my hair back into a severe ponytail and wore no make-up.

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To make matters worse, my female friends were all thin girls.One girl in my dorm who was slender and gorgeous had allergies to many different foods, so she had very little choice in what she could eat. This poor girl literally couldn't eat, and I envied her.Dating back in college was a horror for an overweight girl.Guys chose the skinny girls over the fuller-figured ones any day, and getting a date for an event became a nightmare.Popular and athletically lean as he was, I seriously doubt he would have asked me for a date.

He denies this, of course, but I still don't think my "great personality" would have been enough to overcome the impression those extra pounds made.I am one of those people who have had to fight weight all their lives.I can't indulge on a daily basis; I limit certain foods that I know, damn well, will make the pounds creep up on me.David, one of the men at our table, saw a female colleague across the room and excused himself to go say hello. Several women at the table told Rob point blank that he was an idiot. A couple of men just shook their heads at Rob's comment.When he came back to our table, he gestured in the woman's direction and said that perhaps Rob might be interested in meeting her. She's traveled around the world twice, knows her way around Rome as easily as she does New York City, and she's in the middle of changing careers from teaching to law. I said nothing and my husband squeezed my knee under the table.Never mind that I was on the Dean's List, never mind that I was the editor of my college newspaper or that I was a published poet, never mind that people complimented my taste in clothes or that I always had a smile on my face.