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This way, they will not be "stalked" or hounded by men who seem themselves to be insecure and who "need" a woman to feel secure. Men seem to be a lot more needy than women these days.In my experience, men become almost obsessed, which can be very tiring.

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Meanwhile the poor bastard who was drooling over the cleavage in the office and took her to the hotel ends up paying child support and alimony.This "huntress as a victim" charade just makes more money for shrinks who empower them.Since it's not okay to be a single woman who is happier alone than miserably married, enter the Male Beard.The asinine man who you can say is terrific but will never actually want to committ.Sadly, without such proof, their self-worth is left hanging in the wind.

In addition, these women feel that they've invested so much and waited so long for the unavailable man to come around that the thought of leaving without any payoff is almost unthinkable.Unavailable men will never become available so they make the perfect beards.The reality is that it's not okay to say being single is better than having a bad marriage, and it's also not okay to say, a lot of men don't put in the work to make themselves appealing as marriage partners.I'm wondering what you have to say about women who prefer to be single, do not want to be in a committed relationship of any kind, yet fancy unavailable men who are unhappy in their relationships for "fun times." In this scenario, the women are not seeking a man to help them to feel complete and secure, they are seeking men who are preoccupied most of the time and who want to get together occasionally.This way, their wish of remaining single and just exploring and having fun stays true.If a woman sets her mind on getting the attention and affection of an unavailable man, she may go to great lengths to keep giving him chances.