Dating chat rooms for 13 year olds

However i have a seven year old daughter who would be mortified if a boy saw her change.

What happens at your local leisure centre if they don't have any family changing facilities?

And in 18 months time both my boys will be over 6 and I dread to think what sorts of nonsense they'd be getting up to in the changing rooms by themselves.

what a silly rule i have girls but if their dad took them i don't think he would like the idea of them being on their own mind you at our swimming pool we have one changing room for everyone and a couple of communal areas for schools and the like Our David Lloyd had this rule as well, but I think it is now changed to 8 and over so may be worth checking.

My son is nearly 7 and he comes in with me to get changed in the female locker room, unless hubby is there and then he prefers to go to the male one.

And to the ladies who complain about boys looking at them when they are naked - put it away!

I was recently subjected to the sight of a heavily pregnant butt naked woman strolling around the changing area like she was having a walk in the park.

I think I'll need to speak to the manager and if they are going to be inflexible about it we'll just have to go elsewhere.

Which would be a shame, because its our one luxury in life, but theres just no way my 6 yr old is going to change on his own.

If they're bustled quickly into cubicles and changed quickly I don't see the problem.

We're talking about pre-pubescent giggly little boys, not horny, hairy teenagers!

I have had an issue recently in communal changing room when a mum brought a boy of about 7 into the room and everyone of the girls aged between 7 and 11 grabbed towels and stopped changing until he left. we have just put similar posters up but for age 8 and over after constant complaints from women about young boys standing gawping at them in the showers which are round the corner from the changing area.