Dating dr pepper logos

This was Dublin Dr Pepper, made since 1891 in Dublin, Texas.

Although Dr Pepper began using high-fructose corn syrup as a sweetener in the early 1980s, the batches that came from Dublin Dr Pepper still had pure cane sugar in them.

Eventually, the new reality set in: Dublin Dr Pepper was no more. Or could the black market that once ferried soda from Dublin all over the country still provide a taste?The first place to look for a bottle of Dublin Dr Pepper was the last place I knew it had been spotted—at Pops 66, in Oklahoma.The company claims that an old recipe for “D Peppers Pepsin Bitters,” found in a recipe book from the drugstore where Dr Pepper was invented, has nothing in common with the recipe used today.Dr Pepper has always been most popular in the American South: in a 2010 report, the company reported proudly that Dr Pepper was available at every single franchise of southern chains Jack in the Box, Arby’s, Chick-fil-A and Whataburger.After 120 years, suddenly it was no longer possible to buy Dublin Dr Pepper.

When a cult classic like this disappears, fans’ hoarding instincts take over.The bottle bought in 2014 had a Dublin Dr Pepper label and a 2012 expiration date. By 2016, though, Pops no longer carried the cult-classic. The next place to turn, naturally, was the internet, where, it turns out, plenty of unscrupulous characters are willing to take advantage of Dublin Dr Pepper lovers.One e Bay seller advertises “Dr Pepper Imperial Pure Cane Sugar Glass Bottles 10-2-4 logo from Dublin.” Bargain price: .99 for a six pack. That’s not Dublin Dr Pepper: it uses the old logo, but it doesn’t include the word Dublin. Pepper Made With Cane Sugar.” It’ll set you back 9.Kloster’s son (also named Bill) told the crew that Dr Pepper wanted to buy his whole operation, including a soda shop, a museum, and his father’s entire collection of memorabilia. Instead, the two companies reached a settlement, and Dr Pepper Snapple Group bought out Dublin’s franchise and distribution rights.In January 2012, the last ever bottles of Dublin Dr Pepper came off the line.Is there still a chance to get a taste of a real Dublin Dr Pepper?