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Don't expect your single-mom-of-four girlfriend to have time for an impromptu night out on the town, or a spur-of-the-moment weekend trip out of town.She may find it challenging to schedule time for you at all -- may need to wait until the kids are with their dad until she can go out on a date.This may mean staying away from the house and having dates out instead of spending an evening in watching a movie or having a romantic dinner at her home.

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If your potential romantic partner is one of those single moms, keep in mind that dating a woman with a child from a prior relationship isn't always easy at first.That said, it's quite possible to successfully navigate her family situation.For example, take Bobby -- who is an avid baseball player -- to a Sunday afternoon game, take artsy Mary to the museum, stay home and read a book to literature-loving Johnny and watch a DVD with Jane the movie-enthusiast.If your single mom date invites you in after an evening out, don't necessarily expect to start getting hot and heavy on the living room couch.Instead of expecting her to rearrange her family's lives to date you, offer flexible options and work around her schedule.

It isn't necessary for a single mom to introduce her kids to every man she dates casually, as the children may form attachments to a boyfriend, making it tricky for everyone involved if they suddenly stop dating, notes Healthy, a website of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Having four kids around often means keeping romance under wraps.

Public displays of affection aren't appropriate around your girlfriend's kids, whether they are toddlers or teens, until the relationship is solid, moving toward permanence and the kids are comfortable it.

The children may feel territorial or look at you as trying to replace their dad.

Although keeping your hands off until all four kids are asleep or are out of the house may seem like a challenge at best, you'll need to pull together your self-control and save the romance until the two of you are alone.

With four kids, who have four different personalities, your girlfriend may feel anxious about how each one of her brood will react to meeting you.