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Straight women like Amanda*, 27, said she would never date a bisexual man, a decision she chalked up to her "old-fashioned" Southern roots.

In 2014, the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public Health and Center for LGBT Health Research released a comprehensive study comparing the HIV rates between MSM, MSW and MSMW."Our meta-analysis shows that bisexually behaving men are significantly more likely than heterosexually behaving men to have HIV but significantly less likely than gay-behaving men to have HIV," a primary author told, as bisexuals are at heightened risk for depression, cancer, obesity and various sexually transmitted infections.That said, people are starting to talk more openly about bisexual stigma, as well as bisexuality in general.While there is greater visibility for lesbian and gay characters and even some for bisexual women, there are few bisexual men in popular culture — a glaring absence that isn't representative of the LGBT community as a whole, considering that one-third of LGBT men are bisexual, according to the , a think tank on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy.This type of invalidation contributes to the vicious cycle that makes bisexual men less confident and comfortable about dating.Let’s face it: it’s easy to say or believe that you’re in love with someone—that new intern at work who gets you coffee in the morning, that hot guy in the apartment next door, the member of that new boy band, or even just a random guy who winked at you at the bar.

It could just be a crush or infatuation, or maybe you just admire the way the cute guy at your favorite deli knows how to prepare your turkey sandwich just the way you like it.

Recently, he told a man he had just slept with that he was bisexual.

"He immediately said, 'ew,' recoiled and continued, ' I don't believe in that shit,'" Zach told It's not just gay men who have issues with dating bi guys.

This dilemma is something so many women have had to deal with in their lives.

Someone who gets you and your quirks, someone with whom you can watch a chick flick marathon, someone whose sense of style—not to mention impeccable hygiene—you admire, and someone you can go shopping with for hours without even a peep of complaint.

For many gay men, bisexual men are a conquest, primarily due to the expectation that bisexual men are more masculine due to their attraction to women.