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This season, the fifth estate was flooded with tips from viewers, asking our team to investigate stories important to you.We listened, we did our research, and now in ' Your Tips, Our Stories' we have three stories built on your suggestions.

And I was always like, ‘yeah, sure, whatever,’ right?And after a while I finally said yes,” she told Mc Keown.But as their relationship continued, he would not come visit her and he discouraged her from coming to his home in Winnipeg. He was living there with another woman, Lynne Kohler, who he also met through Mingle2. Complications But Kohler’s marriage plans were interrupted when she intercepted a text message to Vuorinen from a woman in British Columbia, who claimed he had got her pregnant. Shortly after that, Ripmeester received a call from Vuorinen saying he was finally on his way to visit her in Ontario.She said he was very loving and supportive, and eventually he asked her to marry him. “When he got to my place, he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him, and he asked me several times.But Finnish journalist Risto Kunnas received a tip that suggested Vuorinen was not telling the truth.

In an interview, Kunnas asked him how he could travel so extensively without a passport. “He said, ‘come on, you should understand that life isn’t so easy. I had to do something for a living.’” Kunnas said that Vuorinen eventually admitted he’d only been out of Finland once, to go to Sweden, which doesn’t require a passport.

Soon after his deception was revealed, Kunnas said about 20 women came forward saying they’d been fooled into relationships with Vuorinen, and two of them claimed they had his children.

There were also two assault charges against him, in 20.

Since then, the fifth estate has learned that there are at least 10 women who believed they were in a committed relationship with Vuorinen, some of whom supported him financially, in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.

Pattern of deception The fifth estate has learned that Vuorinen started his pattern of dating and deception years before, in Finland.

Kunnas said a magistrate told him Vuorinen never went to court to face the charges against him in Finland.