Dating my sisters boyfriend

’ Seiji felt like he had exacted revenge as he saw the newcomer lying prostrate on the table. With your body shape, even if you work out at a gym, it’s probably impossible to hope for any noticeable effects within a short timeframe," Seiji said in a confident tone. You’re on the right track, but you need to pay more attention to small details. Even if you have the appearance of a girl, your family wouldn’t raise you as one, right? How could they possibly allow him to break free from his leash?

Well, that was the consequence of startling him earlier. "In my opinion, if you want to change yourself quickly, you should start with your state of mind." "Senpai…" Hoshi slowly lifted his head with tears in his eyes. Firstly, you need to change your girlish behavior, and act more spirited. is right." Hoshi sat up again and wiped his nose as he took out a notepad and diligently wrote down Seiji’s advice. " Seiji asked a question that was lingering in his mind while he ate. " "As long as Senpai becomes my sisters’ boyfriend, you can control their behavior! They absolutely had to tighten the leash and collar him, so that he was forced to acknowledge that they were his absolute masters.

’ Seiji didn’t even know what to say anymore; he felt helpless against his junior whose thought process didn’t seem to abide by common sense. let’s just say that your sisters are fine with sharing a boyfriend! While he was working, it was just helping out at their aunt’s store, so the scenario was barely acceptable.

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But, even though it didn’t matter as much, they had still spent many years training him, and he was a cute toy that was the source of great enjoyment over the previous years.

My sisters always say the boys they see are all good-for-nothings: either the boy isn’t handsome enough, or his body shape isn’t good enough, or there’s a problem with the personality or too immature… you’re so perfect that you’ll definitely meet their standards! Enjoying their sisterly intimacy was one of their favorite things to do; it even surpassed even one of their greatest joys in life—training their cute younger brother.

Their expressions were seductive as they clasped each other’s hands with their twin mounds tightly pressed together…

They had identical facial features with thin eyebrows, cyan-colored eyes, and soft red lips.

If possible, I want two sisters that are more normal— Hoshi Amami’s very soul desired this more than anything. how about you live separate from your sisters for a while? "Even just getting them to agree to let me work took a great deal of effort," Hoshi smiled wryly, "if at all possible, I’d like to live separate from them as well, but… Even if I had some idea they’d be sure to stop me..." Seiji fell silent.

"I think you’ve discovered it at well; you’ve become like this due to your sisters’ training… "Do your best and keep on living, Amami-kun." That was all he could say. Suddenly, he thought of something, and his eyes began to sparkle as he gazed at the handsome face in front of him with excitement.

" Hoshi didn’t notice anything odd about the situation at all. They’re twins, and they’ve said before that they only need to share one boyfriend between them! " "Yep yep, Rion Rion, we definitely need our little brother to realize what a terrible mistake he’s made!

Even if I meet their standards as well, that doesn’t mean that I need to go become their boyfriend," Seiji sighed, "the current me doesn’t have any time to spare on getting a girlfriend." "What!? However, the twin sisters Rion Amami and Kotomi Amami still felt greatly uncomfortable. It felt as if a dog that they had painstakingly trained to be obedient suddenly broke free from his leash and wanted to get rid of his master, breaking free from their control. Their little brother actually had the courage to break free from their grasp! "Hey hey, Kotomi Kotomi, we should definitely punish our little brother somehow, don’t you think?

Although the way in which his older sisters treated him technically counted as spoiling, Seiji strongly felt that these twin sisters were ultra-sadists who were intentionally trying to raise their younger brother into becoming a masochist trap! His friends and classmates only saw the external beautiful appearances of his twin elder sisters and their excellence.