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I must say however that of all the buildings "proposed", Sky City most definitely looks to be the one that has been planned out the most.All it needs is planning permission....: PI don't know too much about this tower and as far as I know it is completely in the conception phase of design.So what better than a Top Ten of my all time absolutely most favourite engineering projects ever???When I was putting this list together I made the decision very early on that the list would comprise of projects under construction already aswell as projects which have/were only proposed/imagined. that would literally accomodate the population of an entire city.however due to the lack of solid information on both projects, particularly Hyder Tower, I can only assume they are two seperate projects)As I mentioned above, right now Dubai and (to be more general) the Middle-East, is the capital of modern 21st century Engineering.

Given the buildings currently under construction, as well as countless projects that I haven't even mentioned, and all the other projects in the design phase, Dubai will most certainly be the home of the skies for decades to come.To the left of it is the Burj Dubai and to the right in the distance is the Al-Burj. While still only in the design phase, should it be built, Al Burj looks set to be one of the most magnificent high rise structures ever imagined.Where modern high rise buildings tend to taper off as they get higher, the design of Al-Burj looks to be so solid that one can't help but admire the vision.Currently the world's tallest man made structure... Set to top off at around 900m high, Burj Dubai is certainly a site to behold.As incredible as Burj Dubai is, and for all the world records it (broke and) set for engineering and construction, it only reaches number 4 on my list.Apparently they don't like each other....(5) It's official; I'm fantastic!