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Former UFC Champion Tito Ortiz and his new girlfriend, Amber Miller, just want to live their lives without fearing that Jenna Jameson won’t (virtually) attack them.

Tito’s ex-girlfriend, Jameson, is making it pretty difficult for Ortiz to move on.

" "You have to press charges," said Jameson, who is 5-feet-7 and weighs 110 pounds.

It’s gotten so out of hand that the couple had to file a restraining order against Jenna for her relentless virtual, Jenna Jameson, has been allegedly attacking Tito Ortiz and his new girlfriend, Amber Miller, on social media.Whatever Jenna Jameson’s reason was for lashing out against Amber, now she will pay the consequence for her alleged behavior. Jenna cannot contact her through phone calls, text, or social media.Jameson was allegedly warned not to participate in any cyberbullying behaviors because it is a crime.In fact, Miller contends that the threats scared her so badly that she was scared for her and Tito’s safety.

Amber claims the abuse started right after she and Tito started dating, and she just wants it to stop.It was a nasty battle that seemed to go on for years.In the end, the judge felt that Tito’s home was a more nurturing environment and awarded the former UFC champion full custody.Massoli said he was at the house, which Ortiz owns, when the abuse occurred and called 911.Jameson, with her right arm wrapped in a medical brace, said it was the first time Ortiz hit her.Jameson gave birth March 16, 2009, to Ortiz's twin sons, Jesse Jameson and Journey Jette.