Dating someone you find unattractive

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My elders have told me that looks dont count and I need to reconsider.

It is true that looks should not be a major consideration in selecting a husband or wife, but I have a great deal of difficulty imagining any elder advising you to consider a man who is lost spiritually.

Let's take one small aspect of this man: the fact that he doesn't care about his physical appearance.

In one sense that could describe most men as men tend to be pragmatic and prefer to focus on other issues.

Hes what you would call an "intellectual." He makes God seem like a sci-fi spirit that has no emotion, etc.

Hes told me many times that he thinks tithing is a sham and the Bible cant be trusted because people have tampered with it. Hes also the type that doesnt care about his physical appearance or clean surroundings, which is a major turn-off. The survey also found around 3% of people would end a relationship if their significant other started wearing sweatpants in public. 15% with someone who let their physical appearance go once they got in the relationship. And 12% have been with someone who they found unattractive.But I'm assuming that he is more careless than your typical man.Since husbands are told, "" (Ephesians ), his treatment of himself is a hint as to how you will be treated if you become his wife.My male friend and I have been platonic friends for over 5 years. Two years ago he expressed an interest in dating me.