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Cambodia is fast becoming a hot destination not only for holiday-makers but also for long-stay expats.Long stayers can be broken into several categories including the ones unable to afford a reasonable life in their home country, the retiree with limited funds, the sexpat, the digital nomad, the volunteer, English teachers and the business savvy seeking to invest in a developing country.These seasons are: Peak season: November-February is cool and sunny. Rainy season: July-October has lots of rain in short bursts that floods the streets.

Kampong Speu – natural scenic area by the Preaek Thnot River.

Kampong Thom – located by the Stung Saen River and home to the Sambor temple and Prei Kuk temple.

1 USD = 4007 Riel (KHR) The climate can generally be described as tropical. There are two distinct seasons: the Rainy Season and the Dry Season.

As the country is affected by monsoon, it is hot and humid with an average temperature around 27. However, the Dry Season is divided into two sub-seasons, cool and hot.

She also features a coastline bordered by the Gulf of Thailand. The country is most well known for its star attraction being Ankor Wat, a stone temple complex built by the Khmer Empire which reigned from 802 CE (AD) to 1431 CE (AD).

Phnom Penh – Featuring an international airport, the capital of Cambodia is home to over two million people and for most it’s the gateway to Cambodia.There are no reliable statistics for ethnic populations, although the Khmer population is certainly the largest.A 1993 demographic study estimated that Khmer represented 88.7 percent of the population; Vietnamese, 5.2 percent; Cham, 2.5 percent; Chinese, 1 percent; and others (Thai, Lao, and smaller minority groups in the north and northeast), 2.6 percent.For Uber-style taxi service try Exnet https:// Intercity transport is mostly by bus and can be booked online via https:// https:// also offer private taxi and ferry bookings.https:// rated as the best in Cambodia new arrival offering discount flights, backed by the Chinese Government new aircraft, Korean-backed uses MA60 aircraft which have been banned in some countries Cambodia has international airports at Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville.Kampot – bordered on one side by the Gulf of Thailand you’ll find peaceful beaches, French colonial architecture, and pre-Angkorian ruins.