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Both the disappearance and the reappearance of the statue were filmed in long take to demonstrate the absence of camera tricks.

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Most of his media appearances have been through television specials and guest spots on television programs.His illusions have included the disappearance of a Learjet (1981), the vanishing and reappearance of the Statue of Liberty (1983), levitating over the Grand Canyon (1984), walking through the Great Wall of China (1986), escaping from Alcatraz prison (1987), the disappearance of an Orient Express dining car (1991) and flying on stage for several minutes (1992).In 2002, he was the subject of an hour-long biographical special, aired on A&E's "Biography" channel.On April 5, 2009, Copperfield made his first live TV appearance for some time when he entertained the audience at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards with two illusions.Best known for his combination of storytelling and illusion, Copperfield's career of over 40 years has earned him 11 Guinness World Records, As a child, Copperfield attended a day camp called Camp Harmony, in nearby Warren, New Jersey, where he began practicing magic and ventriloquy, an experience to which he credits his creative style.

"At Camp Harmony, we spent two weeks searching for a guide who'd been kidnapped by Indians. My whole life goes back to that camp experience when I was three or four." At age 18, Copperfield enrolled at New York City's Jesuit-based school Fordham University.First, he made singer Taylor Swift appear inside an apparently empty translucent-sided elevator as it was lowered from the ceiling, and then sawed her in half in his Clearly Impossible illusion.In January 2011 Copperfield joined the cast of the feature film Burt Wonderstone with Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, James Gandolfini, and Olivia Wilde.Also during 1996, Copperfield joined forces with Dean Koontz, Joyce Carol Oates, Ray Bradbury and others for David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible, an anthology of original fiction set in the world of magic and illusion.A second volume was later published in 1997, called David Copperfield's Beyond Imagination.However, three weeks into his freshman year he left Fordham to play the lead role of the musical The Magic Man in Chicago.