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His act is to convince you to “tie him up” in a commitment, from which he then immediately breaks free by disappearing.One day he’s blowing up your phone nonstop and the next you can’t get him to respond to your texts or calls.The Magician pulls his disappearing act because he knows that he pushed you to emotionally or sexually commit to him and now he doesn’t want to reciprocate.

They’d even met each other’s friends and planned a day trip out of the city together the next day.

He sent her a text saying he was on his way to her apartment to pick her up.

When I speak to many of my male friends, from where they’re sitting, there is absolutely no real incentive for them to settle down.

Most have told me that aside from their desire to raise their kids in a two-parent home, there is no real upside to putting yourself in a position to lose half of your hard earned cash if your marriage ends (which according to the census has at least a 50% probability of happening).

He knew he had reached the end of the relationship road…just never bothers to tell you this. He is not interested in a real relationship, no matter what he told you at the beginning.

Because talking to you about his fears means you might come up with a solution. So if you’ve been witness to the disappearing act of a Relationship Magician, there are a few things you need to realize. He is not in intensive care or trapped underneath a heavy piece of furniture.

The Magician will flood your life like a tidal wave, and then just as quickly and destructively recede.

This is a man who will pursue you relentlessly, never stopping until he is sure that he has your heart. He’s a particularly emotionally devastating type of commitment-phobe because his way of ending a relationship gives you no sense of closure.

People like to blame our low marriage rates on socioeconomic factors such as the high number of incarcerated Black men or the educational disparity between Black men and women.

But could the real reason be more emotionally driven?

WARNING: This man likes to make a repeat performance.