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Can different religions bring a relationship to God?

The Bible states clearly that believers shouldn’t be with non-believers.

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I see people struggling to teach their kids about Jesus, when one spouse doesn’t want to or believes that kids shouldn’t be taught about Him at all, or wants to let the kids decide when they get older.

There are cases where the partner doesn’t even want celebrate Easter or Christmas.

I see the kids of those marriages, in their teen years, struggling with faith, as they see that the parent who isn’t a believer not believing or going to church, so why do they, the kids, need to go?

Why believe in God when one of the parents doesn’t even care if there is a God or worships a different god?

Despite the best of intentions, missionary dating remains problematic, and there are far more effective forms of outreach.

The biblical indication is that believers should only date other believers.But how is that not ok, when we see couples who don’t have the same religion, fall in love, get married and live a happy life together? The Holy Bible has many verses and passages showing the Israelites going astray from God because they married people who believed in other gods.We forget to think about the foundation of love and relationships. The Israelites started to serve the false gods around them, rather than bringing their spouses to worship God.But we are not called to be missionaries on the dating field.As Christians, we see marriage as a drama living out the reality of Christ being united with the church.And more so, if we Christians believe that only those who call our Lord Jesus their Savior, and live their lives to honor His sacrifice for all of us, would you be willing to live a happy life knowing that your spouse, who isn’t a Christian, won’t be in Heaven?