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If you are a father in a child custody dispute, you must learn to recognize (and deal with) --and frequently this father is, in our opinions, the better of the two parents. "I worked out a visitation plan with my ex when we got divorced, but now she never lets me see the kids." "The court gave me every-other-weekend and all day Wednesday to be with my daughter but I havent seen her in over a year!

A case we are actively working with right now illustrates what we are talking about. "Courts have the power to modify child custody arrangements to meet the needs of the child and to respond to changes in the parents' lives.

They end up either retreating, or counter-attacking---neither of which can lead to a happy outcome. The role of the child in family law disputes is undergoing re-examination.

It is essential that fathers caught up in this kind of trap learn the four during the custody process. It is recognized that a child's perspectives may not be conveyed to the court if counsel for the parents are the sole parties putting forth the evidence.

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