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It was clear that the girl was trying to see if I’m ‘marriage material’ or not.

Even as people debate the pros and cons of dating apps, one consensus among everybody is that they are a rip-off. Almost all dating apps are paid and even in Tinder, which is a free app, there’s more likelihood of getting a match if you subscribe to Tinder Plus, by paying.All these apps basically encourage you to shell out money and none of them guarantees you anything out of it,” says Moses John Paul, a city-based documentary filmmaker.HYDERABAD: Valentine’s day is here and surprisingly the ones who are making the most noise about the occasion among the Hyderabadi youth are those who are single!While a lot of couples are either indifferent to the occasion or claim that “They don’t need a specific day to celebrate their love,” single men and women are busy trying to find a date for Valentine’s Day.“The best part is that if you don’t like a person, you can just un-match them from your profile and poof, they’re gone.

You don’t have to deal with awkwardness like in real life.

Dating apps have made it much easier since I first talk to that person through the app and by the time I meet her, I already know her well and hence, I’m more comfortable talking to her,” Vamsi observes.

The 28-year-old, who will be spending Valentine’s Day with a date he met on Tinder, says dating apps have made a huge difference to his social life.

Despite the wild success of dating apps like Tinder and Happn, some prefer to simply meet friends without the pressure of dating and new meet and greet apps are cropping up."No Plans? "That's the motto of Wiith, the newest of the friend-hunting apps.

Connecting people in close proximity who have shared interests, Wiith allows users to create an event - be that going hiking or attending a concert - or join someone else's.

According to global researchers, a significant number of Tinder users have found that the fun of swiping doesn’t necessarily translate into the real world.