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It's a place of aim- less violence and dark intrigue. For more information, write First Comics, Inc., 1014 Davis St., Evanston, IL 60201.— JOHN JAINSCHIGG Hi-Tech Tupperware Parties It was a long time coming, but the Tupperware party concept finally has entered the technology age.We'd learned that the most pressing question on the minds of prospective readers was "What computer should we buy? Now, our Buyer's Guides to Com- puters are one of the magazine's most popular features.

Everything about the computer in- dustry is fast-moving, which isn't al- ways to the immediate benefit of the consumer. You will have to pay com- mission charges based on the princi- pal amount of trade.

But changes in brand dominance always have been part of technology. New York • Palsy R, Scales, library and media specialist, Greenville (South Carolina} Middle School • Elaine Slelnkemeyer, president. However, both services offer discount rates — up to 70 percent less than full-cost broker commissions.

But while we talked about the fact that the world of computing was just emerging, and that we were part of a phenomenon still in its infancy, we forgot what that would inevitably mean.

We lost sight of the implica- tions of growth and change.

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It will pay your bills, and ne\'er send you any And now Id like to turn the page over to those nice people at A})ple, who will explain, in their own excmciating detail, just what I m talking about! S^; ,,„, ,,,, , ,,, ,„, , An A}iple II can do wondrous things for your person- after all of this, you still have some money left over? ' Don 'I gel excited This isii'l m' realhimk ttccomii: '© I'M Compiiler, Inc. I%^, EDITOR'S NOTE BEHIND THE SCREENS On-line trading, computerized comics, and hi-tech parties. 18 TELECOMPUTING by Joe Celman Troubleshooting: How to avoid the hassles of telecomputing.

And although it was too late to teach proper money management to this prominent politician, there is a lesson all of us can learn from his misfortune. It even produces charts and graphs, so you can quickly see how you and your investments are doing. If you become permrbed ever\time the subject of doing taxes comes up.

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Not many of us gave much thought to the fact that some computer brands would disappear, that others would become standards for at least a peri- od of time, and that leadership in the industry would revolve.

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