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Bash Boards: Bash Boards are a cyberbullying tactic describing a case of cyber attacks a cyberbully initiates in chat rooms, “virtual” rooms, online forums and message boards.

Within these social exchange sites, children disseminate and exchange information they deem important, socially relevant or noteworthy for their peers to view, comment on and share with other peers.

From a societal standpoint, cyberbullying continues to flourish infesting the hearts and minds of children, their loved ones and communities on a global scale.

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For the benefit of future societies, I hope social scientists of the 22 century and beyond will one day prove that cyberbullying is no different from classic bullying in relationship to psychological damages lasting throughout adulthood.Although I am hoping cyberbullying will be no different than classic bullying, regarding adult psychopathology, the intellectual regions of my head cannot seem to minimize one profound reality.The main developmental issues fueling cyber bullying are peer acceptance, recognition and occasionally retribution. (2014) Different from pre-Information Age bullying, cyberbullying is not bound by physical environments, physical attributes or gender.Not all cyberbullying is fueled by dark developmental needs or perceptual distortions, because there are instances when children cyberbully other children due to their ignorance and not maladaptive perceptions. Causing the “veil of anonymity” afforded by cyberspace, children of the Information Age are no longer limited by the factors that once kept pre-Information Age children from becoming aggressors.As you will quickly learn from reading my cyberbullying tactics list, children have designed cyberbullying into both a sinister and industrious science of online abuse and deception.

Provided below are 42 types of cyberbullying I compiled presently being applied by children in online and offline environments.Cyberbullying is a term describing recurrent and sustained verbal and/or physical attacks by one or more children towards another child Information and Communication Technology (ICT).Similar to classic bullying, cyberbullying is harmful, repeated and hostile behavior intended to deprecate another child for reasons other than self-defense.Not only does Blogo Bullying include defamatory, felonious and humiliating information about the target minor, but with a universal understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) by the cyberbully, their derogatory laden posts can page rank on the first page of Google.Cyberbullying by Proxy: Cyberbullying by Proxy is a cyberbullying tactic describing a cyberbully who encourages, deceives or persuades other online users to harass a target child. became very interested in both learning about and helping our customers learn about internet safety and cyberbullying. Cyberbullying Tactics 2015 is a prevention education article and i Predator website page I have authored resulting from research I conducted in October 2014, along with input from speaking with parents, educators and pediatric professionals.