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Possible Extra info: Hospitals: Places: 140 Rotations: FY1/2: Linked 2013 score minimum: 74 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 73.41 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 73.22 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 71.00 (Confirmed) Abroad?

We're constantly finding ways to match sexy singles and make finding that hot hookup a fun and fast experience.Online dating has never been more discreet, fun, and convenient at Randy Rabbits.Lists of hospitals are also provided for each school - if there are many hospitals within a school, they have been grouped by Trust.Please get in touch with the Medicine Mods (preferably Becca-Sarah) if you have suggestions of further information that should be included, or corrections to anything written here so far.Hospitals: Places: 584 Rotations: FY1/2: Linked 2013 score minimum: 71 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 69.26 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 70.78 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 66.35 (Confirmed) Abroad?

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No Extra info: Hospitals: Places: 223 Rotations: 6 x 4 months FY1/2: Linked 2013 score minimum: 81 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 79.59 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 78.65 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 78.63 (Confirmed) Abroad? At least 65% of posts involve some time at John Radcliffe Hospital Hospitals: Places: 198 Rotations: FY1/2: FY1 allocated via FPAS, FY2 later/Trust allocated only.

2013 score minimum: 75 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 73.80 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 72.92 (Confirmed) 2016 score minimum: 73.66 (Confirmed) Abroad?

Possible - 8 places per year Extra info: 80% work in same trust for 2 years, 5% do a year in Isle of Wight Hospitals: Places: 430 Rotations: FY1/2: FY1 allocated via FPAS, FY2 later 2013 score minimum: 75.1 (Confirmed) 2014 score minimum: 71.57 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 76.51 (Confirmed) 2015 score minimum: 77.97 (Confirmed) Abroad?

Not supported Extra info: 198 posts in Birmingam trust, 158 in Black Country, 76 in Worcestershire.

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