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I checked out the girls page and her status says she can't wait to see her bf. Its not like he just wants sex he's never forced himself on me and we've never slept with each other. ohh and apparently they have been dating for like 3 months. It sounds to me like he has respected your wishes for the most part.He always talks about how he wants to go dancing with me and talks about future dates. I had even told him before that I was looking for a relationship(a bf) and that I don't do hook ups or friends with benefits. so why even play the game of "hey, i got a man too", just to see if he gets mad/upset, then say "I'm just joking..."Girl, thats a game. It's embarrassing for honest men when they see this sort of thing going on. He cared enough to not attempt anything sexual as per your request. His status on the other social networking sites, could have been pushed onto him by some overbearing insecure person.

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Keep This is why I don't have a myspace or a facebook.

It's an invitation to drama because lots of women will nit pick at each and every statement. I can't count how many times it has happened to me.

If he can't do that, he is taken and you should find someone who is single.

Too many women are willing to share guys and won't give slightly less good looking guys a chance.

We hung out at his house watched movies, cuddled, held hands and kissed, he kept telling me how pretty I was.

he didn't try anything sexual which I found nice because I felt like he really liked me.when I asked him about it he said that it was old and hadn't changed it.I then went to his myspace and it changed from single to in a relationship.He told me he had broken up with his girlfriend a while back an didn't have a gf.We finally decided to hang out and when we did it was nice.So, lots of people get caught in these transition glitches. He knows he is being dishonest and this business about not talking to you any more is basically one more lie aimed at convincing you that he's really seeing just you and not someone else.2. He's a complete idiot to be posting his true relationship status online and lying to you about it.