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In her heart-to-heart with Chris Harrison post hometowns, Lindsay stated she was having a hard time being selfish throughout this process, yet she acknowledged the necessity.

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star is in fact in a relationship with Robert Graham, a fellow member of Bach Nation and frequent fixture on Becca's Instagram page."[Becca and Robert] are dating," our insider reveals.— despite knowing that much of the drama is producer-induced and many of the feelings are surface-level, we just can’t look away. Lindsay’s goodbye to Josiah Graham made it clear that flowery words don’t always get you a flower in return.Although the ratio of ratings-driven antics to actual reality is questionable at best, current bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s apparent (and totally admirable) sense of self-awareness sure isn’t. After the contestant attempted to woo her for 60 consecutive seconds without letting her get in more than a few words, the bachelorette confronted him, saying, “I feel like when you and I talk, you don’t really ask questions about me.ABC has yet to confirm if the spoiler site's information is valid.

Reality Steve wrote that fans of the long-running dating reality show still have two more months left to see for themselves that his statements are correct."Nothing I say will convince people who want to believe she's with Peter that she's not and she's with Bryan.

And poor Matt Munson, who Lindsay divulged was very much like her, met the same fate.

Neither twinning job titles nor shared interests can make a relationship last if the chemistry just isn’t there. Pick and choose when to be selfless versus selfish.

The new information contradicted the site's earlier claims that Lindsay decided to pick a business owner from Madison, Wisconsin named Peter Kraus."I'm sure all the Rachel/Peter fans are about to go into cardiac arrest, but I'm here to tell you..spoiler I posted on May 17th was wrong.

Rachel is engaged to Bryan Abasolo," the reliable leaker wrote on his blog.

What real-life dating insight have you gotten from your favorite TV show?