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I will return to this point at the end of this post, but keeping it in mind may help to resonate the other strains of thought passed through on the way. Or perhaps we should say that she is 75-going on-2,500.And that is on the young side of the guestimate, given that Princess Diana's origins are premised on a partly mythological, partly historical race of Scythian Amazon warriors dating to at least 500 BCE.

Is there a direct correlation between being a seven-year old fan of a highly principled superhero and becoming an adult with a keen sense of loyalty to an accomplished and progressive political candidate? I know of no study conducted to show that there is.But while I have yet to ask a candidate running for office this question, I have asked numerous acquaintances who have been enthusiastically engaged with one or more political campaigns, and nearly all of them can name a superhero who had in childhood helped to instill in them a sense of ethical rightness and dedication to humanity -- the kind of qualities they now look for in political candidates running for public office.However, as much as I value my Barnard education, I’d be lying if I said the experience was nothing but the image of sweater-clad collegiettes™ on the quad—you know, the ivy-covered, pumpkin-spice latte-inducing picture they present on the college brochure.In other words, it’s not ALWAYS an empowering, inspiring, engaging hub of intellectual feminist debate. (Particularly since there’s complete cross-enrollment between Barnard and Columbia.) But socially, I’ve always felt marginally deprived of dormcest, straight male friends, and bonding with the dudes from my freshman hall.Let me put it this way: My best friend just celebrated her one-year anniversary with an amazing guy she met through mutual (guy) friends at Columbia, but I’d be lying if I said that even she hasn’t complained about the lack of suitable suitors. (Particularly when you go to a college within a larger university system and you happen to live in New York City.

Are you going to meet the love of your life at a women’s college? Are you going to meet the love of your life at a co-ed college? Just saying.) At the end of the day, my women’s college experience is much like any college experience.If you’re looking for a lesbian enclave or a completely hetero-normative experience, you’re looking in the wrong place.I haven’t experienced any of the “Legally Blonde”-style chick-drama some people might associate with an all-female space, but I also haven’t had a girl crush on every person I’ve met.There are things that I love and things that could be better.Unless you catch me in the middle of finals, I can confidently say that there are more things that I love than not. As a Barnard student, I have the unique advantage of enjoying the best of both worlds – I attend a women’s college within a larger co-ed university, which means that I take classes at and participate in clubs and organizations at both Columbia and Barnard – so I feel qualified to defend the women’s college experience, without stipulating its infallibility. I’ve learned that, instead of asking a series of (moderately offensive) questions, it’s worth doing the research to check it out firsthand. ” And, of course, the concise but far-reaching: “Why?