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Believe me, I can assure you it's worth it - it's changed my life. There is no demand to put your photo up, you can join without doing so, and just rate people, and of course you don't even need to join just to rate.

You can see other testimonials on the site when logged in - there are tons of relationships, even marriages - all down to Hotor Not, and two guys - Jim and James - running the site from their living room. It's not a site to be taken seriously - it's a laugh and a bit of fun, plus a great chance to boost your contacts list and you never know, you might just meet someone special :0)K xxx Oh and just a quick update - we're now living together after 16 months of being together!

I personally had never dabbled with internet dating before Hot or Not, with the exception of chatting to a couple of guys on here, and so the appeal of Hot or not was initially the need for a bit of an ego boost!

Though I must confess it was set with a deep root fear that I would be given a big fat 0.

Registering is free for basic membership, which allows you to rate people, choose the 'meet me' option, and send 'notes' to your double matches. Don't be afraid to hand over your email address, I've never had anything from Hot or Not other than what I asked to receive - you have full options to choose what you'd like to be notified about.

The site is easy to navigate, and simple in design.

You can only contact each other when both parties say yes, meaning you can avoid the weirdos with any luck!

As with all sites, please be careful not to give out personal details to anyone you get talking to, and obviously if you do end up meeting face to face, always make sure you're in public and that plenty of people know where you're going and who you're going with. Your double matches expire after 30 days unless you send another note or a message. To actually properly talk to someone, beyond pre-determined phrases you can compile into a 'note', one of the double match needs to be a star member.Dump this Chinese rule: “one child per family” rule – too much competition. – another free dating website, I thought they don’t exist. – Spark your eyes if you find your perfect online date . You always pay one way or another to meet a hot date. When you open the web page, you are greeted with the Hot or Not logo, with a randomly generated picture below.You can immediately begin rating the people you see from one (wacked with the ugly stick) to ten (hot, hot, hot! You can define the people you see a little more by choosing male, female or both, as well as an age range.But some very good things can come out of Hotor Not…