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The book hit the New York Times Best Seller list upon its release. Penguin Group, and also hit the New York Times Best Seller list.Her second book, “How to Date Men: Dating Secrets from Americas Top Matchmaker” was released in August 2007. An article in New York Times addressed the issues that the book touches upon.

It takes such small interactions like greetings, asking for favors and ascribes a method for success.The concepts in the book are not those of manipulation but truly a way to get along with anyone.It may take you five months to lose weight but just start where you are.If you can’t afford a gym membership, just walk around your neighborhood. One concept that has stuck with me since I read the book for the first time is, “single people are looking for themselves but they’re looking in the wrong place, another person.” I think this book teaches a valuable lesson in how to determine what you’re really looking for in a partner and why you can’t seem to find it. Not only is it great to have a step by step guide or rule book on how to date, its refreshing that it’s well written.I think this book is important in dating because as adults we often feel entitled or owed something.

This book presents the concept that it is necessary for personal growth to express ourselves as accurately and honestly as possible.For those who want to date to find “the one” this is a great book in discipline.From the very start of the book, she asks “Why do you think you’re single?Roughly one in 10 Americans visit an online dating website each month seeking a fresh romantic start.NBC News and Today Show Correspondent Amy Robach reveals how online daters are using cutting-edge technology in search of love and how digital entrepreneurs are getting rich helping them do it.Once on society’s fringe, online dating has gone mainstream and is now a booming multi-billion dollar business.