Interracial dating is wrong

And they are not doing it because they are open-minded about dating.

I will include the image and the status that is shared with it: This is why black men choose to date white and Latino women sometimes, black women don’t know how to give a man peace they are never satisfied or happy you are either doing too much or not doing enough.Today’s black women just don’t do well in relationships or marriages, I’m not trying to be mean but it’s the truth, black women demoralize and disrespect black men entirely too much in relationships that’s why many black men won’t commit to them.As a matter of fact, the possibility of divorce is greater in interracial relationships that involve black men and white women.According to a blog post on Marriages including a black husband and white wife were more prone to divorce than those composed of black husbands and black wives.The black men they meet up with seem to not be aware of this.

The black men who bother white women on the street solely due to race seem surprised that their behavior is perceived as unwanted sexual harassment, which it is, and are too egotistical to let go of the idea that all white women want them or there must be something wrong with them.I will tell you that my motivation was not based on any preference, as I have always dated white men.I was married once, to a mostly Cree Native American man, and did not marry him for that reason. When I dated black men (a couple of times and never again), I came to see that their motivation was my whiteness, perceived as valuable and sexually convenient.It is a case of racking up a high number of sexual exploits to brag about with the perceived notion that the white men who don’t want them are now apparently not satisfying in bed, or so they claim.They want to get laid and go out on dates, and white men won’t do the job.If there is something wrong, it is the perception that all white women must want them.