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According to the Daily Dot, Brendan Ekstrom jumped off the stage in Missouri after spotting what he thought to be a case of sexual harassment.

Some fans …When you die, it is assumed that you’re not coming back to life.

Authorities believed that Julien’s father, Bobby Hernandez, may have taken the child since the man had also disappeared.

They looked for years but were unable to find him ….

A lot of us are guilty of going …It’s hard to lose a parent to a disease like cancer, and it’s even harder when they were the person you looked up to the most.

Take Jace Kellog, a boy from Las Vegas who lost his dad, Boe, to cancer and whose dream is to be a professional bull …In 2002, 5-year-old Julian Hernandez was reported missing by his mother in Birmingham, Alabama.

One says that blue means you’re a smart person when another site says that blue means you tend to have a lower IQ.

(No offense to …Instagram No matter the secondary school experience, high school graduation is an exciting time for teenagers.

Walking across that stage is basically a metaphor to unlocking a whole new part of life.

Whatever it is one chooses to do with their life, we have the freedom to make that choice …Some animals have evolved to develop a defense against predators called mimicry.

But sometimes there are rare events when a dead heartbeat miraculously starts pumping again.

When Gary Wood was 18 years old, he and his sister got into a car accident.

Throughout history, this has happened to several different types of pairings including couples of mixed …During a performance at the St.