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The second new number of the night was a Travis Wall piece, performed by Lex and Travis himself.

It was probably the best routine that showcased just how talented Lex is and I’m sure that we will see Lex perform with Shaping Sound more in the future.

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3rd: Taylor – This one actually surprised me…I honestly thought she would have been in the top 2. I enjoyed the montage of everyone not pronouncing her name right.

WINNER: Lex Ishimoto – He was my pick to win from his first audition…So congrats Lex.

This extremely talented dancer geared towards dancing since three years old without knowing her passion could land her to the world of stardom.

Born in Minnesota as Allison Renae Holker, she was raised in Orem, Utah, United States.

Vanessa also got the chance to dance for us…didn’t see that coming figured she would just be singing.

It was a nice surprise to see he dance with Robert. 4th: Kiki – Not surprised but he was the most improved dancer of the season.Tonight we were treated to a Mia Michaels group number…which was amazing. Also, loved that she took the time to sit with each of the top 4 to discuss their journey.I really hope that if there is another season that Mia will return to choreograph.Being a confidential type of person, she prefers to keep her personal life under wrap. After dating for around two and half years, she and her beau Stephen “t Witch” Boss decided to take their relation a step further. As the couple shares good understanding and love, the word divorce might simply do not exist in their vocabulary.The pair tied knot on December 10, 2013 at Villa San-Juliette Winery. Owner of gratifying beauty, Allison Holker might have gone under surgeon knives for enhancing her nose as per rumor. Allison Holker’s early inclination towards dancing is the factors accountable for establishing her in this sector.She completed her schooling through Timpanogos High School in 2006.