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Bic Camera (a consumer electronics retailer chain), Uniqlo (a clothing company), Matsumoto Kiyoshi (a drugstore) and Lapx (the biggest duty-free chain in Japan), are four of the most popular shops offering duty-free sales.In order to use this duty-free shopping system, travelers have to meet at least one of the following requirements: Visitors who have been staying in Japan for less than six months (those who work in Japan are not included).Although you may encounter them, 2000 yen notes are very rare and not commonly used these days; many people keep them as souvenirs instead of spending them.

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Going to duty-free shops is the best way of saving yourself some money when you want to do a lot of shopping while in Japan.When you go shopping in Japan, what you must know about is the duty-free shopping system.Applicable products´╝Üfoods, fruits, drinks, medicines, cigarettes. Minimum Prices: purchases costing from 5400 yen up to 540,000 yen in total at the same store within the same day.You must take them out of Japan without opening/using them within 30 days from the date of purchase.Applicable products: home electronics, ornaments, clocks, clothes, shoes, daily goods, jewelry, folk crafts.

Minimum Price: a purchase or purchases totaling more than 5400 yen at the same store within the same day.

Officially known as the "Games of the XVIII Olympiad", these Olympic Games were also the very first to be held in Asia.

We provide all of our customers with a refund, return and / or exchange on everything we sell including all bullion and certified coins.

There are two ways of using the duty free shopping system: 1.

By showing your passport at the time of purchase and paying the amount with the tax excluded at that time. By paying the full amount including the tax at the register and then later going to the information counter in the shopping center, showing your passport and receipt(s) and then receiving your refund after a day of shopping.

Most exchange places are located near tourist-centered facilities, such as train stations, tourist information centers and so on. Four Ways to Get Cash in Japan The sales tax rate in Japan is currently 8 percent.