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I sat through endless sermons at the King's Hall and learned Bible stories like Jonah and the Whale.

The group resumed recording, and hit the Top Ten in 1978-79 with "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" and "Theme from 'The Deerhunter'."" (Hank Marvin Biography shopping.Oct 25 2007) "In fact, Dwight D.

Eisenhower was raised a Jehovah's Witness, a sect commonly called Russellites or Bible Students until 1931.

Just as I grew old enough to be embarrassed by this, my mother abandoned her faith in disillusionment. 'They were a bunch of hypocrites who were just as materialistic and greedy as the rest of us." Geri Halliwell, If Only p.31 "Mother became a Jehovah's Witness when Geri was very young, which meant Geri didn't get to celebrate birthdays or Christmas." (Nov 1 2007) "One of five, Krayzie was raised by his hard-working, struggling parents in the ghetto. He credits his musicality to his father, a steel worker, who would sing at home.

Needless to say, despite the efforts of his parents to instil him with a sense of righteousness, Krayzie fell prey to the thuggish ruggish streets.

Jacob (blond) and Joshua (dark) showed off their gay life in LA, but also took an emotional trip home to Montana to come out to their Jehovah's Witness family.

They were excommunicated for opening up about their sexuality, but remain close to their parents and siblings." (uk Oct 26 2007) "Marvin moved to Australia and became a Jehovah's Witness in 1973, but later joined a re-formed Shadows.'From door to door to teach to preach .' they sang. Nobody ever wanted to invite us in, and some of them were quite rude.The Jehovah's Witnesses didn't celebrate birthdays or Christmas, which is pretty difficult for a child to understand. I didn't go to friend's birthday parties because I didn't have a gift to give them.Gay twins are a bit of a fascination for some people it seems.They certainly got a lot of attention when cameras from Logo TV followed them around for a reality series called Jacob and Joshua: Nemesis Rising.She says she's delayed, but she's going to get there." tv.Gary Gygax was a practicing Jehovah's Witness when he invented Dungeons and Dragons, a game of huge cultural significance.